Control of Dating Factors

For any date, expectations about what will happen and how it will go are totally in your control. Other important factors about a date that you will have some control over are the location and how long the date will last.

The location is significant because you need to be somewhere that’s safe, will be fun and is also agreeable to your date. On the occasion of a first date, safety has to be a consideration since your date is likely someone who is fairly unknown to you. If safety concerns are occupying your thoughts during a first date it will take away from your enjoyment.

The location of the date is important because it will play a major role in the extent to which you enjoy the time while on the date. The enjoyment factor will also be affected by how long the date should last. If your date isn’t very familiar to you, you may have a rough time established in your mind for the length of the date, oOr, your date may set a time beforehand.

Similar to the issue of expectations and anticipations that are within your control is knowing yourself and determining what you want and desire from dating. You need a certain amount of self awareness because you need to be honest about things you may not like. That may include even normal habits or mannerisms that your date may have.

You’ll need to feel comfortable to tell your date about any peculiarities related to your personality so that he or she is not suddenly surprised by any unexpected reaction from you. If your date doesn’t know about the peculiarities of your personality, it can lead to misunderstandings. But by having the honesty to talk about those qualities you’ll be able to control the possibility of any miscommunication or misunderstanding between you and your date.

As you continue to date, another factor that you will be able to control is the friendship you develop with your date. To control this aspect of your dating experience, you’ll also have to be very self aware to determine if it will be to your benefit to continue to date and possibly develop a stronger friendship and get into a deep relationship.

There are some individuals who are weak and can be easily led into relationships and situations in which they aren’t happy. But because they lack the courage to do what they really desire, they suffer. You can control any situation, including dating, in which you find yourself, but it will take strong action and the resolve to make any necessary changes.

You need to know that you can control the progress in your dating experience so that you don’t suddenly find yourself stuckin a relationship with someone that you aren’t happy with. That can happen if your date has a strong personality and likes you more than you like him or her. Based on the feelings of your date he or she could think you feel the same way and are in favor of taking your dating to a serious level.

It’s important that you are aware of how your date is developing, what is planned and how things are progressing. You need to remember that you have a say in routine decisions such as the location for a date, but that you also can control more important matters such as how it progresses.

Because at the start there is such hope and anticipation about dating, the hope is however, that your dating experience will meet and exceed the expectations of you and your date, making you both wish that it didn’t end.

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